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The dealerships have been ignoring the Consumer Protection Act as well as the National Credit Act

  • On-the-road fees are illegal except for license, registration, number plates and fuel. Discover how you have been charged for illegal expenses, all under the guise of “on-the-road fees”, “admin fees”, “agent fees”, etc.
  • Add-ons: Some dealerships have been “padding” the costs on Smash and grab film, vehicle protection shield and paint protector. This is totally illegal according to the act. They are NOT allowed to make profit on this.
  • The 1st date of registration: how you have lost out on months of your warranty and maintenance, higher insurance costs and getting a great deal less when you sell your car.
  • You have paid for your “free” key ring, carpets, champagne, etc. This is all illegal and therefore not "free".
  • Extended warranty: all used cars come with a 6 months automatic warranty from dealers but they may still try and get you to buy a warranty.
  • The banks charge interest on their initiation fee and the on-the-road fee. This is illegal as well.
  • The National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act have issued compliance notices, but have been ignored.

Book Summary

During our research we came across many complaints regarding the motor industry, in particular the on-the-road-fees.

This made us look up what the National Consumer Act says as well as the Consumer Protection Act. We found that the dealerships are not adhering to the law, disregarding law completely.

The question does also come up as to how can the auditors sign off on this as it is total contravention of the law (since 2007)!

The book is engineered to make the consumer/reader aware that the dealerships are charging for things that they are not allowed to by law. This also impacts on 3rd party involvement, i.e. paint protector, etc.  Dealerships are not allowed to make any margin on this. 

Other “illegal” activities are the use of unapproved body repairers, therefore no record of any repairs done, in particular on used vehicles. The date of 1st registration kicks in when the dealership gets the car from the factory, not when you buy it. Therefore you may buy a car in March 2018 but is actually a 2017 model. You lose part of you warranty, service plan, etc., as well as higher insurance costs and a decrease in trade-in value.

This book is your key to being informed.

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